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I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults, and I treat individuals, couples, and families. I'm accomplished with short-term, problem-solving counseling as well as longer term, in-depth psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. What's the difference between counseling and psychoanalysis? Sometimes a person will be looking for a briefer, less depth-oriented counseling experience, because that is what's more appropriate for their needs and situation. Psychoanalysis is often sought for resolution of deeper, more long-standing inner conflicts and psychological problems. As a trained analyst, I bring current psychoanalytic concepts into all therapy experience; however, I'm very comfortable with both treatment styles.

Some areas of specialization include:

Depression and Grief               

Anxiety Disorders

Trauma and Childhood Abuse Issues

Marital and Relationship Issues

LGBTQ Issues

Low Self-Esteem

The fee for the initial Diagnostic and Evaluation session is $175.00. All other subsequent meetings will be my standard fee of $150.00 for a 45 minute session. Many clients prefer self-pay either because their health insurance coverage is inadequate or they choose not to use insurance. I will provide you with monthly statements. If a reduced fee is needed, we can talk about this option at our first meeting.

If you plan to use health insurance, please read the following carefully and have this information with you for our initial session.

Please contact your insurance carrier to:

• Verify that your insurance covers counseling and/or psychological services.

• Verify that Dr. David Donovan, PhD is covered by your insurance.

• Obtain information about your co-payment.

• Obtain information about your deductible and if it has been met for the current year.

• Obtain authorization number for outpatient mental health services if needed.

Again, verify with your insurance company prior to scheduling your appointment. If I am not in-network, please contact your insurance company to get specific information on your out-of-network benefits or contact me for details.

Please fill out New Patient Forms and send to drdaviddonovan@gmail.com or bring completed forms to our first session.

I believe that mental health is a vital component in creating a complete and satisfying experience of personhood. It's as important to take care of your inner life and psychological well-being as it is to take care of your physical health.

I feel that every individual is unique, and therefore every therapeutic relationship is unique. For counseling to be effective, it's essential that you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and understood. The key ingredient for successful results in psychotherapy is a strong relationship between you and your therapist.

If you decide after reading this to contact me for an appointment, I want you to know that I'm first and foremost honored to be invited into your life and given an opportunity to work with you. You'll decide whether I'm a good match for your needs, and hopefully, some of the information here will help you decide whether to make an initial consultation.


New Patient Forms